Btl/50 Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Test Strip For Pre-Empt Cs 20 Solution (7% Ahp)


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Product Description: 

  • 7% AHP (Accelerated hydrogen peroxide) Indicator Test Strips are easy to use dip-and-read reagent strips for semi-quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration in AHP disinfectant solutions for variety of applications.
  • Reaction of the AHP Test is based on a proprietary coupling system where the AHP reacts with an iodide salt and a coupler to form a brown coloured complex. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) indicator test strips are used for confirming that the disinfection solution has been correctly diluted prior to its use to ensure the solution is doing its job as a sanitizer, disinfectant or sterilant.
  • Test strip to be used on Accel CS20 Solution
  • Easy to use monitoring system
  • Quickly determines if the correct concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide is present
  • 12-month shelf life (3 months if opened)

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