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The innovative Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump handle design is perfect for women with smaller hands. It also can be used by another to "assist" in pumping. Vacuum Adjusting Knob: Allows the user to manually adjust the suction strength. Contoured Handle: Wide ergonomic design for easy-to-press, one-handed pumping with just a couple fingers. Silicone Cushion: Provides maximum comfort for engorged or sensitive breasts. Two Expression Pattern Choices: Allows user to select a pattern that is closest to her baby’s natural nursing pattern. Assist Handle: The innovative handle design is perfect for women with smaller hands, or those who have hand or wrist injuries. Can also be used by another to “assist” in the pumping. Can be used with either hand by fingers or thumb pressure. Collection Bottle: Easily converts to a feeding bottle in just seconds. Never made with BPA. Bottle Base: Sturdy base for the Collection Bottle to rest when filled.

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