Absorbent Hydrofiber Dressing With Strengthening Fiber 1cm X 1cm - Box Of 10

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AQUACEL® EXTRA Dressing with Strengthening Fiber

AQUACEL® EXTRA™ Dressing with Strengthening Fiber is a soft, sterile, non-woven pad dressing composed of Hydrofiber® (sodium carboxymethylcellulose). This conformable and highly absorbent dressing absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft cohesive gel, maintains a moist environment which supports the body’s healing process and aids in the removal of necrotic material from the wound (autolytic debridement) without damaging newly formed tissue. AQUACEL®EXTRA™ wound dressing is composed of two layers of Hydrofiber® Technology stitched together, and designed to make it 9X stronger than current AQUACEL®wound dressings, and provides an increased absorbency of 39% higher than AQUACEL® wound dressing.

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