Esteem Synergy® Stomahesive® Skin Barrier, 4" X 4" (10cm X 10cm) White, Pre-Cut Stoma Opening 1-1/4" (32mm) - Box Of 10

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Esteem®+ synergy® Two-Piece Ostomy Systems - Skin Barrier + Pouch
(Compatible with Esteem synergy®+ and Esteem synergy®)

The Esteem synergy® ostomy system utilizes an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™ that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that must be snapped or locked together.

Esteem synergy® ostomy system is ConvaTec's innovative product that provides the skin friendliness and versatility of a two-piece system, as well as the low profile, comfort, and flexibility of a conventional one-piece
system. The Esteem synergy® ostomy system has a flat, flexible adhesive foam ring on the pouch that securely adheres to a clear, flat, flexible plastic "Landing Zone" flange on the skin barrier.

The landing zone flange on the skin barrier is square and is slightly larger in size compared to the round adhesive ring on the pouch.


  • Stomahesive® Skin Barriers are recommended for people whose stoma output is semi-formed. It holds securely to skin while helping to protect against irritating output
  • Clear, flexible landing zone securely attaches skin barrier to flexible foam collar of pouch
  • Skin Barriers are available with flexible fabric collar, pre-cut and cut-to-fit
  • Stomahesive® Technology has unique combination of three naturally derived hydrocolloids that work with the body to provide skin-friendly protection and is still kind to the skin on removal


Manufacturer Name ConvaTec
Manufacturer Number 405478
Brand Esteem synergy®
Barrier Style Pre-Cut
Flange Size Small, Up to 3/8 Inch Flange
Stoma Opening Size 1-1/4" (32mm)
Adhesive Type Tape Collar
Color White
Closure Type Stomahesive®
Product Type Two-Piece Pouching Systems
Quantity Box of 10

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