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3 BraceDescription: This brace delivers comfortable, adjustable support like no other.

Introducing the Ossur Innovator X3 Brace! Winner of multiple awards for design excellence, this brace has been engineered to deliver comfortable, adjustable support like no other.

The Innovator X3 is designed to give you maximum freedom and flexibility, allowing you to stay active without compromising your safety. The unique patented A-Lock closure technology gives you a snug, secure fit in less than a second, and the slim design fits easily under clothes without any bulky feeling.

Did you know that the Innovator X3 is powered by cutting-edge aerospace technology? That's right — the same technology used to make aircraft more fuel-efficient is used in this brace to give you superior performance.

The Innovator X3 is perfect for anyone who wants to stay active while avoiding injury. Its breathable, lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear all day, and the adjustable straps let you customize the fit to your exact size.

Whether you're an athlete looking to stay in top shape, or a weekend warrior looking for the best in performance-enhancing support, the Innovator X3 is the perfect choice. With its advanced features, superior comfort, and innovative design, you'll experience optimal support and protection like never before.

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