Active Life Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Solid Skin Barrier Cut-To-Fit Without Filter Transparent ,35.5cm (14") - Box Of 10

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Convatec, Home Health Store has the perfect solution for your life on-the-go! Our Active Life Drainable Pouch with Stomahesive Solid Skin Barrier Cut-to-Fit Without Filter Transparent, 35.5cm (14") is perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle while still providing an ultra-secure fit that won't leak! Made with discreetly transparent material, this unique pouch is both durable and lightweight, making it ideal for all daily activities. Adjustable length and cuttable barrier allows you to customize the pouch's fit for a comfortable wear, no matter your individual body shape or size.

The Stomahesive skin barrier is designed to adhere to healthy or sensitive skin securely and provides extra protection from bacteria and other external agents. Its anti-reflux valves also helps reduce odor and breakage issues associated with routine use of ostomy devices.

Stay active all day long with Convatec, Home Health Store – our one-of-a-kind drainable pouch provides secure protection without compromising convenience or comfortability! Get a box of ten today so you can confidently go about your daily routine knowing your ostomy needs are taken care of!

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