Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Heel Dressing 19.8cm X 14cm - Box Of 5

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AQUACEL® Ag Foam Hydrofiber® Dressing, Sterile 


Are you looking for dressings that are both comfortable and can provide effective protection? Look no further than Convatec! Our AQUACEL® Ag Foam Hydrofiber® Dressing is the only silver foam dressing on the market, offering powerful bacteria-killing properties alongside quality comfort.

Our dressing provides a waterproof barrier between your wound and potential harm, with controlled moisture vapor transmission and viral/bacterial penetration protection. Plus, our soft foam pad keeps your wound clean while absorbing fluids, so it doesn’t cause irritation. Best of all, our adhesive border securely attaches to skin without discomfort.

Enjoy the reassuring feeling of being extra-protected with an added layer of ionic silver, plus experience ultimate comfort with our soft silicone padding. Get Convatec today and reap the benefits of managed protection and total comfort!

The only silver foam dressing that offers the benefits of an AQUACEL® Ag interface, the comfort of foam and the bacteria-killing power of ionic silver.7,† AQUACEL® Ag Foam Hydrofiber® dressing is the easy choice • Waterproof Barrier provides – Controlled moisture vapor transmission – Protection against viral/bacterial penetration6,† • Soft foam pad absorbs fluid • Silicone adhesive border provides secure skin-friendly adhesion

420627 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm (5” x 5”) Square 10

420628 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm (7” x 7”) Square 10

420629 21 cm x 21 cm (8.5” x 8.5”) Square 5

420647 19.8 cm x 14 cm (8” x 5.5”) Heel 5

420648 20 cm x 16.9 cm (8” x 7”) Sacral 5

420681 10 cm x 10 cm (4” x 4”) Square 10

420805 8 cm x 8 cm (3.2” x 3.2”) Square 10

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