Rhizomed Thumb Brace

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The Rhizomed is a thumb brace to provide orthopaedic support for the thumb saddle joint. It helps stabilize the thumb saddle joint and the basal thumb joint, with individual adjustment and a simple slip-on system.

Features & Benefits

  • Light aluminum design enables individual adjustment as an option
  • Fingers can move freely
  • Easy handling thanks to open slip-on design
  • Stabilization of the thumb saddle joint and basal thumb joint
  • Reduction of movement-related pain due to immobilization of the thumb
  • No pressure is exerted on the operative stitches due to the open design
  • Contains rigid material


  • Rupture of the ulnar lateral ligament
  • Rhizarthritis
  • Irritations of the basal thumb joint and thumb saddle joint (posttraumatic, nonsurgical, postoperative, e.g. gamekeeper's thumb)
  • Postoperative immobilization


Size Length
up to 8 cm
8 - 10 cm
10 - 12 cm
Large over 12 cm

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