Mölnlycke Mepilex XT Foam Dressing

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Mepilex XT is a soft and conformable foam dressing with integrated channels, designed to transfer exudate rapidly into the absorbent foam pad.

Safetac technology seals the wound edges, preventing exudate
from leaking onto the surrounding skin, thus minimising the risk of maceration.

Safetac also ensures that the dressing can be changed with minimised risk of damaging the wound or surrounding skin or exposing the patient to additional.


  • Minimises maceration, absorbs both low to high viscose exudate
  • Can be used in all exuding wound healing stages
  • Minimises pain and trauma at dressing changes
  • Promotes patient comfort
  • Well suited for use under compression bandages
  • Can remain in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound
  • Can be cut to suit various wound shapes and difficult-to-dress locations
  • Stays in place allowing for “hands-free” application of compression or retention bandages
  • Can be lifted and adjusted without losing its adherent properties
  • Non-sensitising

Areas of Use

Mepilex XT is designed for a wide range of low to moderate exuding acute and chronic wounds in all healing phases, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wound.

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