Wound Care Dressing Tray, Latex-Free, Sterile - Ea/1

WoundSKU: MEDRX 85-4300

Sale price$12.02 USD


Introducing MED-RX Home Health Store’s Wound Care Dressing Tray. Our sterile tray is an all-in-one solution to simplify the process of wound care to provide the utmost convenience and quality care. Built using latex-free materials, this disposable tray contains everything you need in one compact solution. Utilize the three-compartment tray to keep items separated and organized for quick access and supreme cleanliness. The included forceps, scissors, and gauze sponges allow for a complete and efficient method of wound dressing with precision remote handling tools. Plus, the towel/underpad is perfect for absorbing excess fluids during cleaning and changing bandages. Purchase this helpful MED-RX product today as it’s a standing order item!

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