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Australian SheepskinSKU: AUSUNIWC18M

Option: UNIWC18M - Seat & back only (16” x 18”)
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  • Rapidly absorbs and removes moisture from the source, Keeping skin warm and dry to facilitate natural healing.
  • Low friction - moves with your body to reduce shearing .
  • Resists staining and residual odors.
  • Genuine, high-temp, medical grade merino wool sheepskin. 4,000 to 6,000 fibres per square centimeter (this density is not possible with synthetic manufacturing processes). Merino wool pile keeps its texture and density even after repeated washings - can be laundered at home and re-used for years!

Australian Medical Sheepskin guarantees a 100% success rate in bedsore healing and prevention, provided that the following conditions are also met:

 There is adequate protein in the diet
 All prescribed medications and supplements are being taken
 The area is well-circulated (i.e. no tight bandages)
 The patient is under the care of a qualified medical professional

Why is it green?
The unique green dye of our Sheepskin products is used to indicate that a product is medical grade. Only green-dyed, medical grade sheepskins are capable of being laundered up to the 80°C required for thermal disinfection. Because our green-dyed sheepskin exceeds the Australian Medical Sheepskin sanctioning standards, it is incredibly durable and can be washed and reused for years

  • UNIWC18M - Seat & back only (16" x 18")
  • AR1 - Arm Rest (pr) standard size (14"x6")  Supply measurements if different
  • CP1 - Calf Pad (pr) (7"x7") Supply measurements if different
  • FR1 - Foot Rest (pr) (7"x7") Supply measurements if different
  • WG1 - Walker Grips (pair)
  • MC1 - Contour shape (21" x 18")
  • MC2 - Standard shape (17" x 15")
  • BCM1 - Seat and Back Cover

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