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Orthex Somnia 3.5" Ergonomic Travel Pillow

by Orthex

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Description & Features

The Symbia 03’’ provides spinal alignment to reduce the risks of hip and lower back pain and parallel alignment of both knees and ankles for better side sleeping posture. It's designed to stay in place throughout the night, regardless of leg position. 

Usage: When lying on your side, align the top of the cushion between your knees. This will provide maximum support, extending from your knees, to your ankles. Duration of use varies according to individual needs.


  • Provides knees, ankles and pelvis support
  • Made with high density polyurethane foam. Comfort layer: High density, gel infused, viscoelastic foam (memory foam)
  • Coconut covers provide unmatched comfort; it’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Coconut cover breathes and absorbs humidity, which reduces the effect of nocturnal heat
  • Coconut cover is machine washable in cold water. No ironing and no bleach needed
  • Dimensions: 08" width x 22" length x 04" height