Mölnlycke Mesorb Ultra Absorbent Dressing

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Fewer dressing changes means more cost-efficient and more time for patient. Mesorb is a soft, highly absorbent dressing that can retain large amounts of exudate. The fluid-repellent backing prevents external contamination of the wound and protects clothes and bedlinen from exudate strike-through. High absorption capacity and retention capacity. Fluid-repellent backing layer protects against exudate strike-through and keeps dressing dry. Designed for long wear time. Conformable and comfortable for patients.


  • High absorption capacity and retention capacity
  • Fluid repellent strike through barrier
  • Soft
  • Highly absorbent to manage large volumes of exudate
  • Strike-through backing barrier 
  • Mesorb can be used up to 7 days, depending on wound and skin condition. 
  • Good protective cushioning makes it comfortable to wear 
  • Breathable
  • Medium to high exudation
  • Post-operative wound
  • Traumatic wound
  • Absorbent dressings

Areas of use

Mesorb is designed for direct use on heavily discharging wounds and open drains – without any need for supplementary dressings in between.

How Mesorb works

Discharge and exudate is drained and transferred into Mesorb by the wound contact layer and the diffusion layer. The highly-absorbent core absorbs exudate, while simultaneously providing a good protective and ventilating wound cushion. The protective backing on the reverse side of the absorbent core prevents clothes and bedlinen from being contaminated. As the backing covers the sides of the dressing, it also prevents side leakage.


Mesorb is made of two layers of a permeable, smooth nonwoven which ensures good skin compatibility and exudate permeability. The soft, thick fluff pulp core combines excellent absorption capacity with good protective cushioning and the air-permeable and fluid-repellent nonwoven backing provides an excellent exudate barrier.


Mesorb is available in 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 15×20, 20×25 and 30×20 cm.

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