Mölnlycke Mestopore Stoma Dressing - Absorbent continent stoma dressings, Box of 20

MölnlyckeSKU: MOL665000

Size: 9cm x 10cm
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Using Safetac® technology, Mestopore® S is specifically designed for minimal trauma when applied and removed. With its traditional skin-friendly adhesive, the dressing comfortably adheres and effectively seals the stoma to reduce any chance of leakage. Its thoughtful design involves a fibre matrix which absorbs and retains secretions collected at the stoma site as well as a breathable layer to avoid any risk of wound maceration. Its protective layer also keeps both the stoma safe from foreign material while protecting everything else from exposure to contaminated fluids.

For safe and protective care of your stoma, trust in our Mestopore® and Mestopore® S products! Head to our website or stop by today to check out all we have in store at our Home Health Store!

  • Swelling fibre matrix to absorb and retain stoma secretion 
  • Breathable to reduce the risk of wound maceration  
  • Non-adherent contact layer helps prevent injury to the stoma tissue 
  • Protects the stomas from surrounding environment and the surrounding environment from contaminated fluid  
  • Gentle on the skin 

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