Mölnlycke Mepore Pro Self Adhesive, Absorbent Dressings - Box of 30/40/60

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Size: 6cm x 7cm
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Neutral toned comfortable dressing that protects against strike through. Mepore Pro is a shower, viral and bacterial barrier (microbes larger than 25nm) for patients. It has optimal absorption capabilities and is designed with an easy to remove protection paper that enables aseptic as well as effortless application. It is also designed to minimize friction between the patient and their clothing/bed. Optimized adherent secures dressing and ensures gentle removal. Shower-, viral- and bacterial-barrier (microbes larger than 25 nm). Aseptic, effortless application. Low friction to bed and clothing with sufficient absorption capacity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy-to-remove protection paper for ease of use
  • Absorbent wound pad with a lowadherent wound contact layer for better patient comfort and longer wear time
  • Skin-friendly, waterbased, solvent-free adhesive for gentle and secure fixation
  • Soft, elastic nonwoven for better patient comfort
  • Viral and bacteria proof backing film for protection of the wound from outer contamination
  • Breathable and showerproof film for better patient comfort and longer wear time
  • Mestopore® S is a self-adhesive absorbent dressing for continent stomas. Mestopore® S gives less trauma to the surrounding skin and less pain to the patient during dressing changes
  • Minimizes pain and tissue damage during dressing changes
  • Will not damage surrounding skin on repeated removals
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Showerproof
  • Conformable
  • No residue
  • Easy to use


  • Length: 6 x 7 cm

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