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Molnlycke Melgisorb Plus Highly Absorbent Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing absorbs large amounts of wound exudate. When absorbing, the alginate fibers form a soft moist gel, giving a moist environment conducive to wound healing. The gel can easily be removed by irrigating with 0.9% saline. It is soft and pliable and conformable and can be cut to shape.

Benefits of Melgisorb Plus Calcium Alginate Dressings

  • Available as flat nonwoven dressings and flat rope
  • Excellent absorption to manage high levels of exudate
  • Soft, comfortable and conformable to the body
  • Retains fluids to limit maceration of the wound

Melgisorb Plus Highly Absorbent Calcium Alginate Dressings Features

  • It is non-sensitising and is intended for a wide range of wounds, both infected and non-infected
  • They are composed of calcium sodium alginate fibres
  • It is a sterile alginate dressing that absorbs exudate and quickly turns into a gel to provide a moist environment for wound healing to take place
  • It does not adhere to wound bed and provides minimal pain upon dressing removal
  • Non-adherent to the wound site or surrounding skin High wet strength to allow removal in one piece High integrity and high gel blocking properties
  • Promotes a moist wound environment conducive to wound healing
  • Minimizes the risk of maceration
  • Enhanced wet/dry tensile strength for ease of application and removal
  • Cost-effective: Optimized dressing with the increased absorption capacity

When to use Melgisorb Plus Calcium Alginate Dressings?

Melgisorb Plus is intended for a wide range of moderately to heavily exuding wounds, both infected and noninfected, such as:
  • Pressure sores
  • Venous and arterial ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Postoperative wounds
  • Dermal lesions and other external wounds inflicted by trauma

Melgisorb Plus is not indicated for dry wounds, third-degree burns or surgical implantation. If an infection is suspected, follow local routines given by health care professionals.

How to use Melgisorb Plus Absorbent Calcium Alginate Dressings?

Melgisorb Plus AG Dressing 1. Select a size of Melgisorb Plus that is slightly larger than the wound. Open the package by pulling.
Melgisorb Plus AG Calcium Dressing 2. Apply a dry Melgisorb dressing to the moist wound bed. Shallow wounds: Chose the correct size of flat dressing to be able to cover the entire wound
Melgisorb Plus AG Wound Dressing 3. Deep wounds and cavities: Cut the appropriate length of the cavity dressing and pack the wound loosely
Melgisorb Plus AG Calcium Wound Dressing 4. Cover and secure Melgisorb Plus with an appropriate secondary dressing. Compression therapy may be usedin conjuction with Melgisorb Plus.

How to change and remove Melgisorb Dressing?

  • Change Melgisorb Plus dressing when saturation is reached. Melgisorb Plus can be left in place for several days depending on wound condition or as indicated by clinical practice.
  • Remove the secondary dressing and discard it in an appropriate way
  • Remove Melgisorb Plus by gently cleansing/flushing with 0.9% saline or appropriate solution. Any non-gelled Melgisorb Plus will moisten in contact with the saline. Dispose of soiled dressing per institution policy. Melgisorb Plus is sterile. Do not use if an inner package is damaged or opened prior to use. Do not re-sterilize.

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