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Depend Silhouette Women’s Incontinence Underwear has the protection you need with the comfort you’ve been waiting for. With a premium shapewear fabric, it is designed to fit close to your body and feel like real underwear. Our smoothest fabric ever this bladder control or postpartum bladder leak underwear is sleek, feminine and discreet under clothing, unlike bulky adult diapers. Depend for women is unscented, lotion-free and made with an ultra-soft liner that is designed to be gentle on skin. The absorbent underwear provides Trusted Protection that instantly locks away wetness and odors to help keep you protected from leaks, so you can stay confident while you are wearing them. Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear for Women is now available in three sizes small (28-36" waist), medium (34-44" waist), large/extra-large (44-54" waist) and in an exclusive range of feminine colors black, pink, teal, lavender and berry. Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box for your privacy. This product is FSA-eligible in the U.S. Packaging delivered to you may vary from the images shown.


  • Women’s incontinence underwear made with a premium shapewear fabric for outstanding comfort and invisible protection that feels like real underwear
  • Features an ultra-soft liner that is designed to be gentle on skin
  • Maximum absorbency for Trusted Protection - instantly locks away odors and wetness to help prevent leaks – ideal for bladder incontinence and postpartum bladder leak underwear
  • Smoothest fabric ever and ultra-soft - feminine brief has a sleek, discreet fit under clothing for confidence as you take on the day, unlike bulky adult diapers
  • Available in 5 feminine colors: black, pink, teal, berry, lavender and three sizes: Small (28-36" waist), Medium (34-44" waist), Large/Extra-Large (44-54" waist)
  • Pack contains 26 pink disposable underwear, Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box
  • FSA-eligible in the U.S., Packaging may vary from images shown



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