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Sensura® Mio Original One-Piece Closed, Opaque 7" (18cm), Non-Convex, Stoma Opening 5/8" - 1-3/4" (15mm - 45mm) - Box Of 30

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Description & Features

SenSuraMio – fits individual body shapes. Feels secure

SenSura Mio is a new colostomy appliance designed with a unique adhesive that is formulated to enhance elasticity and fitting performance:

  • Elastic adhesive based on BodyFit® Technology
  • Pliable to individual body contours
  • Maintains a secure fit thanks to its ability to respond to natural body movements

Key Benefits

SenSura Mio is a colostomy system designed to fit individual body shapes. It features a new elastic adhesive for greater pliability, allowing it to adapt to contours, hernias, scarring and skin folds. A secure fit is maintained thanks to the appliance’s ability to respond to body movements. Users have described it as a feeling like a secure, 'second skin'.

SenSura Mio maintains a secure fit even when moving around. The elastic adhesive responds to body movements and has the ability to follow the contours of the body as the wearer goes from a flat to upright position, requiring the adhesive to stretch and bend with the body.